Music Festival Marketing Campaign: DESIGN / BRANDING
SINNE. Berlin only wants to speak to the target audience who are familiar with the music scene and are used to finding events through DJs, artists or clubs they follow.
This means the campaign is never persuasive, just informative yet stylish.
The strategy with the Instagram account was to curate an artistic, visual language that appeals to the creative, target audience.
The goal is is create intrigue and brand awareness. For each poster, the pink is used to emphasise the most important point, and the website address is always featured so people can find out more.
Whilst other event posters might be bright, have a lot going on and trying to grab your attention. In contrast SINNE. festival posters are minimal and intriguing.
The swag has been designed to stand the test of time and be useful to the target audience and their interests.
The ethos is: purpose & design first  — advert second.