Responsive mental wellbeing website: UX / UI​​​​​​​
Qwell - the sister website to Kooth - is an online wellbeing platform for adults. Their mission: "to create a welcoming space for effective personalised digital mental heath care. Available to all."
Qwell is used by people aged over 18 who are suffering from mental health issues. As the users may be in a heightened sense of distress, it is important the design and language are mindful of this.
The features and content on the current platform are designed to be self-service but the variety and volume of options may be unclear to those with a specific problem. We also wanted to lessen the burden on the messaging services.
Collections of curated content based around a particular topic; built over a content management system so the Qwell team can create new content independently. 

This was also a great opportunity to bring in the new, accessible branding work and build out the design system.
As this is a brand new feature, we did user testing to help us to understand how users consume curated content.